How do I get a flu vaccine this year?

All patients who wish to be vaccinated are able to book a specific flu vaccination appointment online. We will be running Saturday clinics on 16th, 23rd, 30th October and 6th November.If you are in an at risk group you do not require a prescription and can obtain the vaccine directly from your pharmacist. If you are not at risk you will require a prescription.

We do not have any vaccines available on site.

Vaccination is particularly recommended for high risk groups:

Category A

Group 1: people at risk of complications

·all pregnant women regardless of the stage of pregnancy

·all adults and children over the age of 6 months with an underlying chronic condition i.e. respiratory (including asthma), cardiac (except hypertension), severe liver or kidney disease, diabetes, obesity with BMI> 35, neuromuscular or immune disorders

·anyone aged 65 and over

·children from 6 months to 18 years old on long-term aspirin therapy

Group 2: personnel from the health sector

Group 3: people living under the same roof as

·people from Group 1

·babies under 6 months

Category B

·people aged between 50 and 65

How do I book an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment with a doctor is online via our website. To access available appointments, please click here. Details on how to book with other professionals can be found in their bio on the team page.

What if there are no appointments available online?

If you are already registered with us and your request is urgent, please email info@berlaymonthealth.eu or call 02 735 53 26 before 11:00.

How much does an appointment cost?

Please email info@berlaymonthealth.eu for further information

Will I get reimbursement from my insurance?

We always issue a receipt which you can submit to your insurance or mutualité/mutualiteit. Please check your level of reimbursement with your insurer.

Is there a charge if I miss an appointment?

Missed appointments mean that other patients who could have benefited from being seen have not had the opportunity. There is a 20-euro administration charge for appointments missed or cancelled within 24 hours. This fee applies to all late cancellations or missed appointments regardless when the appointment was made.

Can I open a global medical dossier (GMD)?

A GMD is your personal medical file managed by your general practitioner. It contains:
-administrative data
-medical history: diagnoses, medication and other treatment, risk factors, reports from specialists, results of investigations, vaccinations
It allows your doctor to have an overview of your health and provide safe, efficient and well-coordinated care.
The fee for opening a GMD is currently 32 euro. This is fully reimbursed for patient with mutuelle insurance. JSIS reimburses 85%. For other insurance please check with your provider.
Having a GMD gives the advantage of higher reimbursement from the mutualité/mutualiteit for consultations.

What is Helena?

The Helena platform is a secure environment linked to our medical software where you can consult your documents. For example:
-proof of electronic prescriptions
-laboratory results and medical imaging reports
-table of medication
-table of vaccinations
-summary of your electronic health record
You can connect directly with your Belgian electronic ID card (eID) or itsme. If you do not have an eID but have a Belgain national number, your doctor can generate a code which you can use to set up your access.
Helena is fully compliant with medical confidentiality and GDPR.
For more information see: https://fr-info.helena.care/

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

If it is your first appointment, please bring a form of ID, such as a Belgian eID or a passport, any medication you are taking, and any documents you may have relating to your medical history.

How do I get a repeat prescription?

Patients taking regular medication are reviewed at least once every three to six months depending on the medication. Prescriptions are issued during the appointment so that the patient has enough medication to last until the next review. For all other prescription requests, please book an appointment.

What if I need a referral to a specialist or to another practitioner such as a physiotherapist?

Please book an appointment. The doctor will assess you and do the referral or prescription during the appointment.

Where do I go for lab tests?

We usually work with LBS lab. See their website for a list of collection centres. You can also attend a different lab. This will require a paper rather than an electronic prescription.

Is there a charge for lab tests?

Tests are charged for by the lab separately from us. If you have insurance this will usually cover at least part of the cost. For more information on the cost of tests please contact the laboratory directly.

What vaccinations do you administer?

We can give childhood vaccinations, both routine and catch-up. If your child has a Belgian national number these can be taken from our stock. If not, we can issue prescriptions for you to obtain the vaccines from the pharmacy. Childhood vaccines are also administered by the ONE (French) and Kind en Gezin (Dutch).

Travel vaccines require an initial consultation to assess your requirements and issue appropriate prescriptions. The vaccines are administered in a follow-up appointment. For most vaccines it is best to book the initial consultation at least a month in advance of travel to allow time for immunity to develop after vaccination. Please note that we cannot give yellow fever vaccine as this requires a certificate from a specialised centre.